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  • Latest music placements
  • Latest music placements
  • Latest music placements
  • Latest music placements

Launch Pad offers a variety of unique and affordable services aimed at independent record labels and artists including audio mastering, audio mixdowns and music licensing for commercials, film, television and video games.

Need To Supercharge Your Drum and Bass Anthems?

Our engineers guarantee to maximise the potential of your music and deliver the loudest, warmest and most dynamic masters available from any online mastering service.

Using a combination of hardware and software our team will give your music enough punch to go ten rounds with any club anthem on the planet.

Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering Starting at £25 per track.

Sub Slayers

Top job done on mastering my remixes, the 1000 Russian ravers I played
them to last weekend also agree - proper bass faces all round!
Jay Cunning - Sub Slayers

Need Your Dubstep Smashers To Cause More Damage?

Our team can breathe new life into your music, giving your mixdowns the definition, loudness and punch they need to cause maximum dance floor destruction.

From your beats and breaks to your sub bass we guarantee to deliver the accuracy that you need in your mixdowns, helping you take your career to the next level.

Audio Mixdowns

Audio Mixdowns Starting at £150 per track.

Home Artists

I donīt know how they do it... Launch Pad spices up your tracks with
colourful sounds that were not there before. They are fast and pro at affordable prices.
Fabrizio Onetto - Home Artists

Want To Get Your Music Into Films, TV and Games?

We represent some of the world's most exciting bands, producers and songwriters including Kyle Bourke, Rennie Pilgrem, Ryan Enzed, The Hype Theory,
Tim Besamusca and Xample & Lomax.

Submission is absolutely free and a quick response is guaranteed.

Music Licensing

Submission is absolutely FREE.


Launch Pad’s licensing service has got my music heard all over the world,
giving me additional exposure while making money at the same time.
Xample - DJ / Producer, Ram Records